Friday, March 20, 2009

Nine weeks (and change) to Bayshore

Nine weeks doesn't seem all that much. A little over two months.

Training has been going fairly well. No snafus as of yet; injury and illness have been held off, thankfully. Perhaps some mental/emotional/physical fatigue, but that's fairly par for the course. Speedwork starts next week, and that's a big jump in challenge so far as the training is concerned.

Upping my cadence to 90 strides per minute has been an interesting experience. It's drained a little bit of the relaxed feeling I get from running, but I figure I'll get it back when I settle into the new form. And upping turn over is a big key to getting faster, from what I understand.

The weather change has been nice. I just kind of wish that I could have worked more of my runs in with people. Oh well, such is life.