Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stamp Carving

I have a very modest amount of artistic talent. But given a decent medium, tools, and the ability to play without pressure, I can improve. At a modest pace.

Here's my first carve

It was a decent first attempt. And I still like dragon flies. I completed it in August of 2014. I've done some letter boxing since then, but kept the carve because I didn't want to invest time in making a new one.

This week, I've gone a little carve crazy. Here's the first negative carve (I don't know if that's the actual term: I took away everything I didn't want, instead of carving the drawing into the medium):

Its about the size of a quarter, and was inspired by my runwoodstock medal hanging from a lamp.
I then pulled from Stand Up Palleboarding for inspiration:

It turned out okay. Though without context it looks like messed up cave entrance with a street sign next to it. I might carve out "SUP" out of the board's body.  Still trying to decide.

After that, I went to running:

Though after the carve I wasn't sure if it's someone running or falling.
Then I went a little bit overboard. These were all done in one session-

Last but not least, I did one this morning:

I'm thinking the Sunflower will be my first plant; maybe as a hitch hiker; maybe if I find a field of sunflowers somewhere. Or maybe just flowers.