Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just finished week three of a four week recovery plan. 40 odd miles, which felt pretty nice. A bit of soreness in the morning that resolved itself fairly quickly. One week to go.

Week after next, my first short race of the season, hopefully to be followed by a turkey trot and jingle bell run. I'm getting hungrier. I want to put in some harder, faster miles. I want to earn some PRs this year, even though I've scored bunches in most of the races I've run. It's easy- they were all new distances.

So I guess I shouldn't sulk. I'm sure I'll have a recap at the end of the year, but so far I've set a PR in the 3 mile, 4 Mile, 7K, half marathon (2X), full marathon (trail), 50k, and 40 mile and Olympic distance Tri.

Huh... the only race this year that I didn't set a PR in was a 10K, and I think it's because I went from an extremely flat and fast route last year to a pretty hilly route this year. And I still have a couple of 10Ks left as possibilities.

I may have to do some uptempo runs in the next couple of weeks, just for fun. I wonder how I'll do...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sadly, I'm not hungry

So, my 40 mile race went well.

I published in livejournal because I'm an inconsistant git, and am out of practice of posting here. No surprise. Anyway, I did it because I wasn't really sure that i could- there was a lot of training and things come up along the way, and all that good stuff.

My plan was to do this race, recover, and then start off from a base of maybe 50 miles per week. I wanted to to build up distance till 70 miles per week was normal, and then incorporate speed work in preparation to try to qualify for Boston.

But I'm not hungry to qualify for Boston, and that's a pretty big stumbling block. Maintaining a 7:15 pace for a marathon isn't so easy if you don't really have a hunger for it. Perhaps I'll get it when I've recovered from the ultra, but right now I'm not even certain which races I'd like to do. There are bunches of halfs and full and stuff that I could do, but... well. You know how it goes. Too many choices can be harder to deal with than too few.

Decisions, decisions...