Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week in review

I've had some really good weeks of running of late; 50-60 miles where I felt good, ran with great people, endured some tough weather without a problem. Bizzards that dumped 18" of snow, negative temps (-30 with wind chill), and that sort of thing.

This week, however, was not so great. What I discovered is that giving blood when trying to train hard for a marathon is a bad idea for me. I had a good weekend, took monday off. Gave blood on tuesday, and ran hard on wednesday. (13 miles, with half mile pick-ups and rest intervals x5). Thursday, at work, after finishing with a patient I kind of lost my balance, and have been feeling kind of off ever since.

It's not a great place to be. But I imagine it will pass with time. Still, I haven't run since wednesday, which means pretty much a wasted week. On the other hand, since I'm not really on any training plan besides "run more miles, some of them faster" and don't really have any time goals, I figure I'm okay.

I am kind of worried about the rather large amount of bone that seems to be growing on the back of my heel just lateral to my achilles tendon. But hopefully it'll go away...