Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No more dead lifts...

... my back is not happy with me.  I don't know whether is due to crap form, or an instability 'cause of landing on my tail bone one day when I fell from a tree, or a mix of stuff.  All I do know is that my SI joint is only happy when I'm not moving.

*sigh*  life is like that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jingle Bell 10K

10Ks aren't as much fun as half marathons, but their a sight better than 5Ks.  5Ks are just an exercise in pain management, perhaps not as bad as 800s, but still to be avoided as possible.

the last time I did the jingle bell run was in '07, which was a good year for me.  some good races, and some bad, but for the most part everything I put a serious effort into went fairly well.  this race in particular.  records say I finished in 42:38, but I blamed it on the course being short.

Could be that.  Or it could be I had a really good race.  Maybe some of both.  But I took away from that experience that maybe I had some speed that I hadn't tapped into yet.  Well, I was slower this year, but I still put up a respectable showing, i think: a decent 43:47.  Not sub-7 pace, but pretty close.  Got me 19th overall, though only 6th in my Age group.  it's not like I'll ever be going sub 30, or even sub 40 unless I have some sort of break through.

First mile went how first miles usually go.  I started off a little slow till I figured how my body would respond to race pace.  During my warm up I had to walk for a bit to keep myself from throwing up.  Bit of irony that was lost on me at the time, but I didn't have any problems with my stomach during the race.  So I guess it was worth it.  Still, I was worried that I'd mess up someone's lawn for a bit.

Ran with a friend of mine who wasn't going to race the race- or so she said before the race started.  She did a five mile easy run before the race, and was thinking that she'd just run with a friend.  Well, she pulled ahead of me after mile one and finished well enough to take female Master's.  I was happy enough just to be able to keep her in sight for a couple of miles.

Also was recognized by one of my customers; a high school cross country runner whose mom is the team's coach.  I was surprised that she was able to do any sort of recognition during the race- personally, I'm usually too absorbed to recognize anyone unless I run with them on a regular basis.

Anyway, i got to the end and saw the time counting its way up to 44, which I beat, and the runner up ahead of me, whom I didn't.  Couldn't have asked for better weather, or a better marked course, and it was fairly flat.  though I like hills; gives me a reason to say why I didn't earn a PR.  Even though in this race I say that I did, if the '07 race really was short.

This week, I've got the trot with turkeys, which I'm looking forward to.  Always fun running around someone else's stomping ground.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick update

Legs are sore... Time to break out the aleve and foam roller. Jingle Bell run race report due soon!

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