Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Really don't like swimming.

It's supposed to be a freeing activity, and fun and all that, but I just find myself flailing through water without any real ability to make myself go forward. Beside the discomfort of inhaling, choking on, and otherwise having liquid going where it shouldn't. Or when it shouldn't. Or whatever.

So the swimming was eh. Perhaps if I had someone there with whom I would enjoy swimming it'd be better. Or if I'd spend the time to become more comfortable doing it. But I'm about as out of my element in water as a bird is trying to walk up to it's prey.

After 15 minutes of something approaching misery (decided to stop before it became an out and out slough-fest) I hung out on the beach listening to music and reading from the Zombie Survival Guide. Plants Vs. Zombies may be getting a little too far into my psyche.

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