Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hidden forest trail run

There's a fine line between running had enough to make me feel sick, and running hard enough to make me sick.

I tread that line fairly closely today, running with a friend who was kind enough to pace me through the race. I did reflect on an upset GI system, and how it mess things up. such is the stuff of life.

Quick vignettes:
Chatted with a fellow who had a IM tattoo. Turned out to be my junior high assistant principle's son. Small world.

Chatted with the lady to parked next to me, who was also sporting something Iron man; this time a hat. I was seeing a trend.

This year, I ran roughly 45 seconds faster than five years ago. I find that curious.

20 degrees warmer today than yesterday. I may have done better with yesterday's weather.

I need speedwork. I'm thinking treadmill. Maybe some strength training, too.

Post run meal at the woodshop in clarkston was a spiritual experience. And I can't afford to become a life to eat person. I like being eat to live. It helps not having either the confidence or inclination to prepare good food.

Good friends after the race, too, are a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow, day of rest I think. I'll figure out the rest of the week as it comes.

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