Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ramp up the running, Achilles tendonitis rears its ugly head. I think this'll be an unserious spring season; taking it seriously starting off with an injury sounds like all sorts of stupid.

Probably means the blog will go back into hibernation. Oh well, such is life.

Monday, November 24, 2014

18 weeks to Ann Arbor marathon. Or possibly half marathon; I haven't quite decided yet. Whatever i choose to do, though, I've decided to give Jack Daniels' plan another try. Modified, of course, because it's insane.

After yesterday's 9 mile run and fencing practice, I decided to take it easy: 20 min on the bike and whatever yoga glow offered as their daily practice. It turned out to be a gratefulness meditation, which was timed for the holiday this week, I guess.

And I have a lot of things for which I should be grateful.
sore muscles
frustrating injuries
disappointing performances
hitting the wall
hitting the pit
hitting the abyss
overwhelming fatigue
upset stomachs
biting winter winds
and psychological trauma

... because in these things, I remember I am alive.