Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just finished week three of a four week recovery plan. 40 odd miles, which felt pretty nice. A bit of soreness in the morning that resolved itself fairly quickly. One week to go.

Week after next, my first short race of the season, hopefully to be followed by a turkey trot and jingle bell run. I'm getting hungrier. I want to put in some harder, faster miles. I want to earn some PRs this year, even though I've scored bunches in most of the races I've run. It's easy- they were all new distances.

So I guess I shouldn't sulk. I'm sure I'll have a recap at the end of the year, but so far I've set a PR in the 3 mile, 4 Mile, 7K, half marathon (2X), full marathon (trail), 50k, and 40 mile and Olympic distance Tri.

Huh... the only race this year that I didn't set a PR in was a 10K, and I think it's because I went from an extremely flat and fast route last year to a pretty hilly route this year. And I still have a couple of 10Ks left as possibilities.

I may have to do some uptempo runs in the next couple of weeks, just for fun. I wonder how I'll do...

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