Thursday, October 8, 2009

Running as work...

I realized, earlier this week, why I think my running has been so lackluster of late.

Part of it might be because of a lack of focus. I don't have a goal race this season, and it's definitely effected my training.

Part of it might be because I've hit my first real set back in running- where I achieved only one of three goals for Bayshore. So I'm displaying a singular lack of character.

But I think the big thing that's keeping me from logging miles is how I'm now finding running to be fairly tedious and unenjoyable work.

And the fact that it is work, and that I occasionally through the week I do get paid fairly well to run a few slow miles isn't a bad thing. But it can be a hard thing to put aside when I want to run for myself.

I do hope I get back on the wagon soon...

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