Monday, December 13, 2010

Six Days

Personally, I love the challenge of running through snow. 

It feels really hard core, like only the most dedicated (or addicted/insane/compulsive) are out on the trails plowing through inches of the white powdery stuff.  It works some muscles particularly hard; my hip flexors, quads, and particularly my Tensor Fascia Lata muscles are all deeply fatigued at the end of a long run through the snow.

And really, it's part of the game when running in a northern state.  All we can do is deal with it, or condemn ourselves to the treadmill for four months out of the year. 

Still, I am getting a little nervous about doing a 50K in this next Sunday.  It's going to be a an interesting journey.  Hopefully no injuries will result.

1 comment:

David said...

winter running IS hardcore; no doubt. it's a lot more work for the satiblizer muscles, and it puts a whole new spin on night feels like it's 20-25% harder than a regular flat dry running path, and deep snow/ice is even tougher.

but I could be wrong :)