Saturday, March 26, 2011


I think that pancakes (or waffles) may be one of the most versatile edibles evar. The beauty is that you can put whatever you like on them, and they can still turn out pretty good. I either make (or buy) a big batch of them, eat a bunch, and freeze the rest. After they've been popped in the toaster, they have this neat crunchy texture which I might like a little better than fresh made.

A little weird, but there you go. Anyway, on to the spreads...

Grade B maple syrup might be my favorite, and it's an old stand by, but it lacks some imagination. Still, with a good dose of olive oil spread, it's very hard to beat.

When it comes to energy longevity, I like to put sun nut butter on them. It's like peanut butter, but made out of sunflower seeds; different flavor, same consistency, but different feeling when I eat it. Not sure what it is. Probably all psychological.

When it comes to yummy sweetness, I like blueberry or raspberry jam. I usually go for Trader Joe's organic, because it costs a bit more than smuckers but isn't as pretentious as some of the stuff they sell at whole foods or plum market.

Finally, there's nutella. Mmmm...

Before a long run or race, I'm a big fan of eating two: one with the nut spread and the other with jam. When I feel like an actual breakfast, I go with the syrup option. But when I want a treat, I'm not sure anything I can think of beats nutella. Stuff is dangerous!

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