Thursday, August 21, 2014

Harry the Runaway Horse

So, remember how I said I can't wait to try this again? Umm....

In a way, this was a twofer. I knew of one very easy find at a local college on my way home from work; unfortunately, I think someone not looking for it found it. Such is the way of the Letterbox, I guess. It wasn't where it should have been. I noted it at atlasquest and moved on.

Hess Hathaway Park was only a couple of miles away, on also on my way home. Even better, it's a park I've been wanting to explore for a little while.

The clue was kind of a Dylanesque stream of consciousness story: Which I won't go into.  I can say that during my search I failed to see quite a few of the landmarks; perhaps because I'm unobservant, or the undergrowth hid them, or I started off in the wrong place and managed to blunder may way to the box through good fortune. All are possibilities, and all may be right. But I did manage to get some nice vistas...

Geese! Geese everywhere!

A field mentioned in the clue

A tree: if you zoom in, there's a branch with a 90 degree bend that looks like it could be an "h". Could this be "h" mentioned in the clue? Hint: the answer rhymes with "Poe"

And yet, given time and a bit of perseverance I find this:

And Stamp my stamp:

This time getting the date right. If you look closely, I'm also trying my hand at being a bit more creative in my stamping. I can only get better, right?

Another fun adventure, exploring someplace new!

Things I learned:
-I really should have used bug spray. again. So maybe I should put "demonstrated not to have learned" as a section
-Things can change a lot; even relatively obvious landmarks can change, be hidden, or be less obvious given the season.
-even though I went over a mile out of my way, it was a lot of fun exploring a new place.

Things I'm looking forward to:
-A couple of three part boxes at parks I'm pretty eager to explore
- coming up with a slightly see simple stamp
- remembering to use bug spray

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