Saturday, September 22, 2007

Running Tip #35

How you can tell you may be an obsessed runner-

Did a ~20 mile training run today.
Saw others out running on my drive home.
Was jealous.

I've done two other 20 milers in the past few weeks- each time, it happened. Weird, eh?

Speaking of weird, my quads have been hurting every since Tuesday because of speed work an plyometrics. After doing the long run today, my quads don't hurt anymore. Strange stuff...


Tina said...

Heh, that happens to me too, even when I'm exhausted after a long run or hill workout.

Fritz said...

guess you qualify as an obsessed runner!

Tina said...

Ugh, yeah. I'd say that's pretty accurate lately; I seem to have running on the brain constantly. Most of my disposable income has gone toward running clothes and shoes, race entries, and a Runner's World subscription. Even my cooking is geared toward helping with my training.

P.S. Your log says you've run, biked, and/or swum (swam?) every day for the last week. TAKE A DAY OFF ALREADY! Unless you WANT to overtrain. Again.;-p

dirtdawg50k said...

By the sounds of your training, you should be well within your dream time of 3:46. If my recovery goes well, maybe I can even catch on to your coatails for a few miles. Remember to taper!!

Fritz said...

t- haven't you ever heard of an "active rest" day? :)

Don't worry though. I have a scheduled rest day next Tuesday, and Monday will be swim only. Besides, my taper starts this upcoming weekend; I'll be resting bunches then, right?

Well... aside from that Duathlon in a couple of weeks. But then, I'll be sure to taper! :P

DD50K- Thanks!

Tina said...

"Active rest"? Is that like "military intelligence"?;-)

BTW, I agree w/ Dirt Dawg, it does sound like your dream of 3:46 is well within reach!