Monday, September 24, 2007

Things upcoming...

On Wednesday, I'll get my bike from it's one month tune up, and decide whether to spend money on aerobars, and aero waterbottle, and the clips that will hold it all together. I'll also get to go to a swim practice in the morning- first three times are free, then it's $100 for 20 practices. Not a terrible price, to be sure. But I'll have to weigh my financial situation.

On Saturday, I get to do the Running Fit 20 mile training run in preparation for the Detroit marathon. I hope to get it done in three hours or so- my first of the season was 3:05 and was unsupported, in hotter weather, and a more difficult course. But it was the first one of the season, and I was really excited about getting it done.

A week after that is the Great Pumpkin Duathlon a 5K run/40K bike/10K run to which I've been really looking forward. I'd need to practice a lot at Kensington in my Aerobars if I go through with that, but it should be a great event. My hope is to finish in under 2:40, but really I'd be pretty happy with under three.

Then it's two weeks of tapering till Detroit. I plan to take the week prior to the Duathlon light as well... it doesn't really count as a taper, but I'm not racing the duathlon like I raced Heart of the Hills or Angela Hospice or how I plan to race Detroit. I'm just running it for fun.


translation: I guess that means I'll give 97% of my all rather than 100%


Thankfully the fall marathon season doesn't last much beyond fall, ya'know? :)


Tina said...

What kind of a swim practice is it? Is it geared toward triathletes, or competitive swimmers?

Fritz said...

The coach said the breakdown is abou 75% triathletes; the rest are masters swimmers.

Everything going well, I'll go tomorrow for the first of the three freebies.

Tina said...

Hope you have (or had, by now) fun!:-) I'm kind of jealous, it'd be nice to swim in an organized practice, with a coach to give me tips on my form.

Fritz said...


Just couldn't get out of bed for it- the rain, or something. :P Maybe Friday...