Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Road Running

No matter how slowly I go, running on a harder surface than a dirt road causes pain in my shin. Or better, I think that the harder surface makes me work Tibialis Anterior in a way it doesn't want to, causing pain in my shin.

Whatever. The point is road running effed up for me for a while. perhaps a certain doctor will be able to fix it up for me.

don't know. but I do know that in my current set of circumstances, I'll never run a good road race again. sad, eh?


Jeremy said...

Hey, I had the same problems back in '03-'04. What worked for me was to get some serious orthotics in my shoes. Does your insurance allow for getting orthotics? I know if it isn't for the heel tilts in my shoes, I wouldn't be able to run either (I know, I've tried). It might be something to consider. If you can't get doc prescribed orthotics, you could try some of the off the shelf ones, I tried ones from Road Runner Sports in the past that were marginnally effective.

I also had marginal improvements by doing limited strengthening exercises on my shins and hips with one of those big rubber bands, I have a list of exercises that I used if you are interested, and they helped get me to the point where I could run again.

Sun Runner said...

It was that pub crawl 10K that did it, wasn't it...:(

no wonder you were drinking so much beer. :)