Sunday, June 6, 2010

Night Rain Running

Things don't always go as planned. This works out for me a lot of the time, because my plans can often be crap.

So my plan was to go for a run at 5:00 PM, do 10-15 miles, and have a good time before the rain came.

I finally got to Pontiac Rec around 9:00 PM, and the rain hadn't quite reached the T-storm level promised. That came in after I'd gone about a mile.

It was glorious! The frogs were singing in chorus, the light rain made a gentle pitter patter when it fell on the leaves, and I was just cruising along in my five fingers, throughly enjoying the feel of the mud as it squished between my toes.

The rain got harder, and it became impossible to see using my headlamp... the reflection from the raindrops was really distracting. I had recently bought a flashlight, and was immensely glad I did. it definitely helped keep me from killing myself by tripping on rocks as I ran.

The rain got harder yet, the mud got deeper, and I got more into the rhythm of the run and the night. The miles and the trail flew by, and mud made its way up past my knees as a solid sheet, while covering the backs of my legs up to my shorts.

The GPS tweeted, but I mostly ignored it except when to change which hand held the flashlight. Certain hills I had to walk because they were just a bit too treacherous with rock and root and mud, especially when running down them.

All the while I thought about how much I was enjoying this run, but wishing my dear lady Lynnivere were there running with me. The night, the rain, the mud- it all blended together to make a wonderful, sensual whole. If I could dedicate a run to anyone, it would be to her.

The run ended with me sopping wet, covered in mud, and grinning from ear to ear. I think the running after glow buzz must have lasted five or six hours- and now I want to schedule all my runs to be at night in the rain, if they could all be as fun as this one...

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Location:Pontiac Rec, Waterford, MI

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible run!

I was thrilled you went out running the trails late & all the details of it pouring in.. feels like I was there.

Thank you, Fritz.. I'm such a lucky girl. <3