Saturday, May 29, 2010

A training run of errors...

the workout: a bike-run brick workout. It should have been easy...

left house. glanced up through my rear view mirror. If everything had gone to plan, this is what my car would have looked like from the outside-

this is what was actually there-

forgetfulness.  it happens.

Went back home, got my bike, got to the park.
Back tire leaked air as quickly as I pumped it in.  *sigh*

change out back tire, and didn't make too much of a mess doing it.  Greased up my hands a bit, though.

Wanted to change from pedals to cages, with a view towards biking in Five fingers.

Over zealous.  Open hand hit on my wrench let cassette teeth biting my hand-

Cassette teeth are sharp!

Start biking, finally.  Mile into bike, see signs that path is closed.

Starts laughing.

Bike on roads, no problem, 35 minutes and 10 miles later, done.  and fairly happy for it.

Start run- feeling like I'm running through molasses, but running fairly fast.  It's hot, though.

Run for the forest; mosquitoes like that.  Hydration backpack keeps blood from getting too viscous for them to suck.
And they really do suck.

Planning fail; water runs out mile six. Two miles left.  Hydration pack works better with water.  Mosquitoes miffed.

One mile covered in trees; starting last mile heart rate high, pace slow, and don't feel like collapsing from heat.  Walked it in.

good times!


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was it a monday? :)