Thursday, February 17, 2011

speed work

I hate it when I can't remember simple instructions. Or when I try to remember them, and even though they don't jive with simple math, by the time I think of it it's far too late for adjustment.

Anyway, the scheduled run today looked like this: 8 miles total; 2 warm up, 4 at 7:20-30, 2 cool down.

What I read was: 8 miles total; 2 warm up, 6 at 7:20-30, 2 cool down. It didn't even occur to me that 2+6+2 doesn't equal 8. At least, it didn't occur to me until mile four of the workout. Life is like that.

So I compromised by running five at 7:20-7:35, the extra mile coming out of the cool down. It was a fairly tough run. Nothing felt quite right for the first three miles. Things did click in for the next mile, but then I started thinking about how I didn't know what I was doing for the workout, and that really kept me from running quite so fluidly.

Oh well; tomorrow's another day. Rest day, to be exact. I'm almost certain to eat more than I should, and that might make the 16 I'm planning to do on Saturday harder, but I'm okay with that. I like my rest days, and I think that I've earned it.

As for the new BQ times, I'm still working up a reaction to it...

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David said...

Good workout! Absent-minded overachievement is still overachievement ;)

re: Boston - my reaction is, I'll only get there if they lower the BQ times again, or as a volunteer, or if I raise a ton of $ for charity. Ha!

Fritz said...

Thanks Dave!

Kind of tough when they raise the bar on me. But it'll either force me to step it up, or I'll go off to do more ultras or triathlons or whatever. :)