Sunday, February 6, 2011

Race Report: super 5K

Time 21:44
Pace 6:59
Place 18th AG, 122 Gender, 144 OA

5Ks aren't my strong suit. I'm not sure what my strong suit is, or if I have one, but no matter what, 5Ks aren't it.

That being said, I kind of enjoyed this one. I got in early (like I like to do) and spent some time going to packet pick up, getting my gear together, and finding my running buddy to do the warm up.

Warm ups are important when I do a 5K. I really don't feel like I get relaxed when I run until I hit mile four or five.

We slogged through the slushy roads figuring out the lay of the land, waving to the other runners out on the street. Most of us were playing 'dodge the car' with people coming in for the race. Humidity made me worry a bit, but it turned out to be a non-factor, as far as I could tell.

Finished the warm up, switched over to race gear, and went into the building to chat with friends until race start.

For non-goal races, I'm almost always taken off guard by the start of the race. I'm both nervous and unfocused, and so I'm chatting with friends when the "go" is given. So people start surging around me and I'm surprised when I have to start moving. Hopefully it doesn't annoy people too much.

Anyway, I ran fairly easy for the first mile, and though there was a bit of weaving in and out of people, it wasn't bad. I do realize, though, that the Saucony Fastwitch, though a wonderful racing flat, isn't the best shoe for slushy conditions. The first bit I stepped in gave me instantly wet socks, and I forgot to pack spares. Oops.

First mile- 7:04

Second mile is a straight shot east on 11 mile road, hit the turn around, and start heading back. I like this part of the race, because you get to see the front runners coming at you, and can both cheer and be cheered. Sometimes I see people, sometimes I don't. But it's always a psychological boost to me.

Of course, I can get a little distracted by trying to find people to cheer for, and feel a little dizzy as the people zip by. But that's just part of the fun!

Second mile- 6:59

The third mile has a small down hill that's relatively steep, and a nice, gradual uphill that lasts until the final tenth of a mile. I dug a little deeper for the uphill, concentrated on my form and turn over, and just thought that it'll all be over fairly soon. Timed my breaths, timed my cadence. Every little distraction helps.

Third mile- 6:58

Last tenth I stepped on the gas to what extent I had left, and ran it at about a 6:17 pace. Not bad, though for a tenth of a mile it's not so hard. I'd love to be able to hold that for say, a marathon. But a tenth of a mile is a start. :)

Had a great time, and really enjoyed getting to know some of the great SE michigan folk from the Daily Mile afterward. Wide range of experiences, but all happily into the running thing.

Also got some Mizuno Swag, which is kind of nice. Their new tag line is "be yourself, only better" Not sure I'm completely happy with that motto, but I'll certainly wear the shirt. Ya'know. I like free shirts. :)

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