Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm really bad at being sick. Most people are, so I figure that puts me in the majority.

I've had about five days of being either only able to talk in a whisper, or sounding like I'm going through puberty again. For a while it was nice not to have to say much of anything to anyone, except by choice. Now it's just annoying.

I've only run four miles this week. Part of me is aghast; another part of me feels weak enough that the four miles may have been a mistake. Today's work shift wasn't bad; it was steady but not crazy busy, and most of the people were able to hear me when I spoke. I'm kind of worried about tomorrow, though. Saturdays are usually a little more difficult.

*sigh* I'm really looking forward to when I'll be back running easy, fast, and comfortable...

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David said...
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David said...

::chickensoup:: :)