Saturday, August 4, 2012

Books this year

I know, I've been as remiss in updating the books of this year as I have been updating in general. Still, Better late than never, and so forth. :)

Reamde -Neal Stephenson
Winds of War -Herman Wouk
War and Remembrance
Monster Hunter International -Larry Correia
Swarm -BV Larson
The Weapon -Michael kWilliamson
Ex-Heroes -Peter Clines
On Basilisk station -David Weber
The cold commands -Richard K Morgan
The Steel Remains
Legion of the damned -William C Dietz
Hounded -Kevin Hearne
Valor's Choice -Hanya Huff
Better part of Valor
The spirit Ring -LM bujold
Shards of Honor
Warrior's apprentice
Vor Game
Borders of infinity
The Blade itself -Joe Abercrombie
Before they are hanged
last argument of kings
Ready Player One -Ernest Cline
Heartless -Gail Carriger
Lies of Locke Lamora -Scott Lynch
Way of Kings -Brandon Sanderson
Name of the wind -Patrick Rothfuss
The wise man's fear
Ghost Story -Jim Butcher
Theft of Swords - Michael Sullivan
Invincible - Jack Campbell
Redshirts -John Scalzi
Fuzzy Nation
Bloody Jack -LA Meyer
Hyperion -Dan Simmons

A number of repeats; usually when something is lacking in a book that's other wise acceptable, I go to a book I've read that had the missing feature in plenty.

Still have an awful lot of books waiting in the wings!

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