Sunday, August 5, 2007

Store 5K competition

New thing number one: Cross Country running.

It means grass, rolling hills, and the odd root and rock that the typical road runner seldom comes across. Add a dash of rain to make things slippery and interesting.

New thing number two: a small field.

Twelve runners came together from the three different Running Fits in the Northville area; well actually there were thirteen of us, and one was the owner-boss-guy, so I'm not sure I should count him.

Many were college runners- meaning after the first minute I didn't see them again. Most of the race I was completely alone, which suits me okay; it was a lot like a training run that way.

New thing number three: a steamy finish.

... and no, not in as fun a way as it sounds. But I had wisps of steam coming from off my body after the run, like my skin was smoking or something.

Last new thing: 5K PR.

Last February I ran my first (and up till today, only) 5K in a respectable 25:16, which was my first foray into a race pace of 8-9 min/mile. I haven't run one since, concentrating on longer distances, trail running, and speed work. Yet all that training has seemed to have helped a bit! :) I knocked almost three minutes off my time, coming it at 22:27.

And my first mile (6:50) was only about nine seconds off my mile PR set Tuesday! I was pretty amazed, really. :)


Tina said...

My goodness, you had quite the weekend! Congrats on the PR!:-)

Anonymous said...

good job! imagine how well you would have done with a good night's sleep!