Sunday, August 12, 2007

Training update

#1 "It's a little spooky, actually..."

I have a Garmin which, in theory, tells me almost exactly how far I've run. I note it all down in an excel spreadsheet which keeps track of me, and I'm pretty relaxed about trying to get exactly ten miles or whatever. If I hit 9.1, I'm happy with 9.1, and I don't feel any need to run an extra .4 miles or whatever. If I hit 9.96, I may run an extra .04, but that's less than an extra minute.

The excel spreadsheet is crude; everything is broken up into four week segments, which any regard to actual months. I just concluded a four week segment and came up with a total mileage of 173.93. I looked at last periods total mileage. It was 173.96.

I find that a little weird.

#2 "miles per week"

Hit 60 miles this week; the most miles I've ever run in a week. How do I feel? Hm... I feel like I could really use a nap. :)

#3 "unintentional PRs"

Did it again today: for a race which I wanted to do "easy", I ran a PR. Not by much, mind you: 46:13 rather than 46:57. But my first mile was also a PR of 6:36, which qualifies at way too bloody fast. My pace did almost drop to 8:00 during mile five, but I picked it up for the last bit to my race average of 7:30. All this after doing an 18 miles yesterday. *sigh*

#4 "Age group"

Last week I won my age group by virtue of being the only one in it. This time, I came in second of six, so I got a silver colored medal and got to stand to the accolades of my dear friends. One, with whom I was honored enough to run the first mile and half, went on to win over all the other females running. And many of the others did well in their age groups, also.

It was a good week, and a great race. Hopefully, I didn't do anything for which I'll be in too much pain this week....


Maureen said...


Wow. 60 miles in a week. It takes me three weeks to run that much!!

I'm so proud of you!

Jeremy said...

Sixty! Way to go! And all of those miles are already reaping benefits. PR after PR! Awesome!

dirtdawg50k said...


You are killing it. Glad i ran with you early in the summer, I doubt i would be able to keep up with you now!

Fritz said...

Thanks all! :)

It feels awfully nice to be getting faster and stronger. Now if I were only getting smarter, life would be great!