Monday, January 31, 2011

Super 5K

Last year I was extremely excited about the Super 5K. I hadn't raced for months, I'd been training hard and I really wanted to know where I was under "real" race conditions. I had a hard time falling asleep. That's something that I expect for a marathon, not for a 5k. But I digress...

This year is a little different. I had a goal race that took a lot out of me in late December, and I was eight months further along in my training last year. I'd done speed work, and I had a larger base to draw from. Though I want to do well this year, I don't believe that I'm nearly at the level of fitness I was last year.

Still. I'm excited. I ran part of the course tonight with the Novi group, and I felt like I wanted to attack the hills and see what my body can do. Wisely, as a recovery run from my long run yesterday, I held back.

This Sunday, if the mood strikes again, I'll be able to, um... indulge myself a bit. Maybe I'll come in under 22 minutes, maybe not. But I'll be excited to try!

For reference, last year's race was 21:28.

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David said...

sub twenty-one! sub twenty-one! ;)

Fritz said...

That would be pretty awesome!