Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with dumbbells

Ever since Bayshore, I've had some problems with my left hamstring. I have about 15-20° less extension in my knee with full hip flexion, and a muscle knot that feels about the size of a marble at it's proximal attachment.

What that means in english is that it's a real pain in my ass. Enough that after a hard run it's kinda painful to sit. I've tried regular stretching, foam roller, tennis ball, and (OTC) drugs to try to calm it down, with no avail.

So I've gone something a little more desperate. Picture in your mind the stereotypical "touch your toes" hamstring stretch, except have a 30# dumbbell in one of your hands. As gravity does it's work, stand on a step for a better stretch.

Work on doing an anterior pelvic tilt to move ischial tuberosity (the attachment point for hamstrings) further away from it's origin. Finally, flex right knee so that the left is the only one getting the stretch.

While your imagining this, try *not* to imagine the "pop" sound which means something very, very bad has happened. :P

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jb said...

pop pop pop. i think we are all getting old.