Friday, July 15, 2011

Ophilia Bonner 8K

The race was maybe five miles away from where I go to school, and about two hours after my last class on Thursday. So it just sort of made sense to me.

I very nearly forgot about it, though; habit nearly had me driving back home after class. But I remembered in time, plotted my course to the race, and showed up to pick up my bib and do my warm up.

I figured a four mile warm up would have me up to nine for the day, and I wanted to get a feel for the terrain. It was very much like the Crim, except not as hilly. Really quite flat, now that I think about it.

Race started, and I settled into a comfortably hard pace; I passed a few, and was passed by a few. The 5K and 8K folks started at the same time, so you weren't quite sure if someone was a competitor or just along for the ride for the first mile and a half.

I found myself following a lady who had a very even pace; I was fairly happy to have someone to set my sights on for the majority of the race. I followed her for about four miles, when we joined up with the 5K race folk and started passing people.

Like, a lot of people.

I'm not why I react this way, but it seems to give me a boost to reel people in. I ran harder, and my mile pace dropped about 45 seconds. The last half mile was pretty rough, but I just kept at it.

I finished in 35:26 2nd AG, 13 OA (out of 90 or so). I even got a trophy. No idea what I'll do with it. Seems a silly bauble, really. But as a mid packer, I should enjoy the little things, I guess...

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Location:Flint, MI


Dave Kramp said...


Joanna said...

I am way more of a mid-packer than you are, and as such, thoroughly enjoyed the trophy I got earlier this year at a small race. I gave it to my son, who pretends its the Piston Cup (from Cars). Good times. Congrats on a great race!

mizunogirl said...

Midpacker, my rear.

Dont know what you shall do with a trophy, but you can pull it out once in a great while...
I would prefer a pizza myself.

Great performance as always!