Monday, July 4, 2011

Hungry Duck Half

Second of nine or races in my quest to have a season of fun, rather than of focus on an "A" race.

I need to start waking up at five am more often. The sunrise this morning was beautiful, even if I was so tired that every time I made a turn on the way to the race, I had a brief moment of panic thinking that I was going the wrong way.

I also didn't realize till I got the race that I forgot my Garmin. I've been running Garmin free quite a bit lately, but this is the first time in six years of running I've been without something to time myself. It was particularly odd when I crossed the finish line. I found myself pushing on my wrist where the Garmin "stop" button would be. No joke.

So I have no idea of my time; I'm pretty sure it was about what I was shooting: maybe a 1:39-1:40. I ran most of the race with a friend nicknamed A-train; he still had a lot of gas at mile 11 so I told him to go on ahead. He dropped to sub-7 pace while I think I maintained a decent 7:35-7:40.

Not only was I sans garmin, I was also shirtless. I don't have quite the physique to run shirtless as comfortably as other of my friends, but I do overheat quickly, and I've been going shirtless almost as much as garminless these days. I only felt self conscious when I wasn't running.

After the race I popped into a recently opened running store in Brighton called Elite Feet. Very nice place; wide open, video analysis on a treadmill, exceptionally knowledgeable staff. I must've hung out in there for a good 45 minutes analyzing gait patterns in different shoes and chatting about form, shoes, and things like that.

Fun times!

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