Friday, July 27, 2007

(pre) Raceday Strategies 2

So, I've got a 10K I'd really like to do well in tomorrow.

Is it counter intuitive that I'm drinking Riesling and eating cheese poofs tonight? One of my best training runs was done hung over... and I'm a big believer in never do on race day what you haven't done in training!


Tina said...

Wellllll... I'm guessing you've found out by now whether or not it was a mistake. I'm thinking if you had a good run, you should email Steve Runner and tell him about your Reisling and Cheesey Poof pre-race meal. I'm thinking that he'd be both amused, and disturbed. Especially that you chose to pair Reisling with cheesey poofs, instead of a nice gouda.;-)

Fritz said...

Thanks! I did! ;)