Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Training Tip #1

... when doing speed work, don't forget which lap your on. The consequences can be sort of... interesting.

Tuesday is speedwork day, where I and many of my running friends run around in circles as a grand metaphor of life. Faster and faster without getting anywhere, but improving by leaps and bounds- at least, that's how I try to rationalize it when it feels like people have been beating me with sticks.

Oh, and the sun was pretty intense today, too. :)

So anyway, the plan was to do two 1200 meter runs with 400 rest intervals, and then four 800 meter runs with a 200 meter rest interval. tough stuff.

Except I can't seem to count. My first 1200 was fine- 3 laps around and a few minutes rest to have my heart rate come down to something sane. The second... for some reason I thought my second lap was my first, and so I went on to do four. If I had been smart enough to check my GPS, I would've known better. If my brain hadn't been baked out of my head, I might've been able to count to three properly.

But as it was, I set a new mile PR of 6:41, down from 6:52 set at the Huntington Woods race. Oops. :)

So, let this be a lesson to you; Sometimes being absent minded can have some rather pleasant consequences!

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Anonymous said...

Serendipity- "the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident." The American Heritage Dictionary

Dave :)