Monday, July 16, 2007

Triathlon Training

Running is my passion; it has a lot to do with how I spend my free time, my work, and my intellectual stimulus. It's fun, it's an escape, and it keeps my body healthy when it isn't breaking it down.

That being said, mondays are a cross training day for me, and a group of my friends decided to make it into a triathlon training day. Swimming- I'm taking a while to get into the habit. It's tough- but so too was running when I started. It'll take work.

Biking however- today, biking was fun. In a crazy, OMGWTF Imgonnadie! sort of way. Picture being on a road bike riding seriously for the first time evar. Going down hill. In the rain. 30 miles per hour.

I was breaking the Kensington metropark speed limit on a bike. The ground contact on a good road bike is about the size of two postage stamps. And the rain was pelting me like little pebbles.

It's the first time I ever thought that I might possibly enjoy biking more than running! That darned element of danger...


Anonymous said...

WooHOO!! sounds like a riot!

Tina said...

Think you'll be adding any triathlons or duathlons to that goal list?

Fritz said...

Maybe... really it's just cross training. Triathlon would be a lot more pressure, and I would really need to work on transitions. Which aren't fun, just work. :P