Monday, September 6, 2010

Week in Review

Week went well... 44 miles, seven hours, seven minutes. Getting back into some nice milage again!

Monday's group got me poison ivy, which I'm still dealing with to a lesser extant. Been a while since I had it. Pretty miserable experience. :P

Wednesday group was kind of hot. Ran a decent chunk of it with J~, who suggested we sprint to the end- I found myself working out some left over angst. After I stopped I felt both my pecs and lats cramping up, unused to the exertion.

Think I'll have to do something about that- maybe add arm swings with dumbbells into my regimen, or something.

Thursday was a nice five finger run around Pontiac's bridle loop, though I switched over to the bike path at mile five. Felt nice to be doing some decent miles in five fingers again, though I wished there was more mud.

Saturday was the Labor Day 30K, which may be my favorite race. definitely going to have to see about doing that one as many times as possible. :) I'd love to be able to run it when I feel in top shape, and see what happens...

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David said...

nice week - it sounds like you're back in the groove. feels nice, eh? I'll be back in it myself once this gout flare subsides. Are you running the Stompede?

Fritz said...

Yeah- nice to be back in the 40s, though I'm looking to doing even more miles as the weeks go on.

Mom's surgery is on the 16th, so I thought I'd stick around that weekend. :( sorry- I've wanted to do it for a while. Maybe next year!

David said...

what surgery? I'm so out of othe loop!

Fritz said...

Cataract surgery. Sorry- I thought you knew!