Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week in Review

Distance: 51.6 miles
Time: 8:41
Avg. Pace: 10:07/mile

M- Nice run on the West Bloomfield Trail. Ran with L~ with whom I haven't run since last October, and whom I sadly didn't recognize until she reminded me of her name. I was feeling the effects of the Labor Day 30K, and so may have pushed it a little bit harder than I should have. But I'm okay with that- beautiful days deserve nice runs, right? :) Fell in the first couple of hundred yards. Bled quite a bit, and I still have the scrape as well as a minor war wound. Good times!

T- Pontiac Rec, in Five fingers. I was originally going to do speed work at the WBHS track, but there appeared to be a game on and it was too busy to really be of interest to me, so I scotched the plan in favor of doing the bridle trails. I wish it were a bit muddier. It would have made it more fun. But they've done some trail maintenance, so everything was dry on only moderately fun to run though.

W- Group run from the store. Was pretty good- ran fairly easy. I may have to ramp up the Wednesday store runs to a tempo/threshold; there are a number of people who run at that pace. I like to keep my easy runs easy, though. Hm...

Took Thursday off.

F- ran the mountain bike trail at Pontiac Rec in Five Fingers again. Nice, but I may be happier running at Island Lake in them. Less technical, and I need to get used to watching my feet in them again. Earlier in the morning may be the way to go, too.

Sa- WB group run at the trail again. Ran with C~, and had a good time. Definitely fall type weather, and quite beautiful for all that, but I'd like to not have to leave to go work at the store quite so quickly. Glad, though that I'm not like the assistant manager having to flee to the store after running the Crim. He was kind enough to do that for me, because there's no way I could have run the Crim and gotten back to the store in time to open.

Su- Brooksie way half marathon course, minus a mile or so. Nice easy pace, and the terrain didn't seem nearly so bad as Labor Day 30K. I'm looking forward to it!

All in all, a great week of running. I'm grateful to be back in the 50 mpw world; and I'm not certain if I'm going to stay in the 50-60 for the next few weeks (minus a step down) or bump it up to the 60s. I think the former would be the wisest, but the latter might be more fun. Ah, decisions, decisions...

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