Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/17 the week in running

Observations from the week:

Most traction devices work on an 'average volume of shoe' principle. If you're using a low profile shoe, they don't work so well.

Sitting on a bike for over an hour requires callouses I just haven't developed, or something.

Thermo receptors in the body are weird. After a long run in the cold, I took a shower. The same water hitting my hand felt scalding hot while hitting my chest felt extremely cold.

Rather than taking an ice bath, I tend to spray down my legs with cold water, calling it good enough. If I don't, everything feels sore. Anyway, today I thought I'd cheat, and just do my quads. I wound up with sore hamstrings, and it made walking around feel... awfully odd. I'm used to having no pain or pain everywhere.

The week itself went well; here is the schedule as planned-
M- off
T- Bike 45 min
W- 6+6 miles
Th- Bike 60 min and lift
F- 6 miles
Sa- 10 miles
Su- 6 to 8 miles

Obviously, I haven't done Sunday's run yet, but everything else has gone well. I biked 90 min on Thursday because I got into the episode of "The Wire" that I was watching. Most of the miles were done with people, which is always nice. And weight training feels pretty good- though I kind of wish I could up it to twice a week.

I'll talk to my coach about it.

Of course, I also want to up my miles, add speed work, and spend three to five hours a week on the bike trainer in addition to my current workout schedule, but that might be a bit much. I got my running coach in order to help me find that fine line between training hard to get the best result for the effort, but not crossing over into overtraining, and it seems to be going well.

But as they say in Cricket, it's still early innings.

I get the schedule for next week tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember to post about it then...

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