Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cold Weather Criteria

One of my favorite tri-bloggers, Elizabeth Fedofsky, wrote a bit about the joys of winter running. I won't repost it here (no really knowing etiquette in the matter) but I will post my additions to her wonderful list of the joys of winter running....

Or had icicles form off both ears and nose. Or untied your tights to take a wee and couldn't couldn't get your fingers to work to tie them back up again. Or designed a spreadsheet to figure out which clothes to wear in what temperature with what wind chill. Or had to revamp said chart. Or been constantly surprised because that chart was right; cold during the first two miles, but fine to warm for the next eight or whatever. Or thanked the coffee gods for someone who designed a travel mug that will keep coffee warm even when left in a freezing cold car. Or stepped into a shower before the hot water has kicked in and still felt like the water was freaking hot because your skin was used to being frozen. Or counted the number of heads that swivel as you do your run, all with the expression: "runners: dey nuz!"

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