Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review...

Miles- 1940
Time- 321 hours
Pace- 9:56 average
Races- 21. I think.

Major new things explored:
Triathlons (Yay!)
Smartwool (Yay!)
Mizuno Breath thermo (eh)
Handheld hydration (good)
Mountain biking (not so good)
Trail Running (Big yay!)
Speedwork (yay- but dangerous)
Racing flats (Yay!)

Things to look forward to:

North Carolina Running
More base training, 70-80+ mile weeks
Improved bike and swim technique
Brooks shoes

I know I'll miss all I left in Michigan- Friends, work, family. A great trail I was getting to know really well. Races and paces to PR. But there really are times you just have to move on, and see what the new year might hold.

Happy new year!


dirtdawg50k said...

pleasure to have run with you. good luck in NC!

errindel said...

Good luck in NC! You had quite a year! May your goals get ever faster!