Friday, December 21, 2007

Goals Revisited

On July 14th I wrote an entry about goals; figure it's time to revisit them and see how I've done. here are the short term-

1- Run 2000 miles in a year.
2- Run a sub-50 minute 10K
3- Run a half marathon sub-1:45
4- Run a sub-4 marathon.
5- Run an ultra, either a 50K or 50 mile.

1- Close, but no cigar. I'm at about 1900 miles for this year, and might make it to 1950. But that's okay- I'll have next year and I'm sure I'll get it if I want. Triathlon training might take over.
2- Yah... 42:38 on 12/16, though I've run sub 47 a couple of times this summer.
3- no, but no half marathons since June. My first half of Detroit was close: 1:48 or so.
4- Detroit, 3:39:16.
5- I'm on schedule to get it done Jan 5, 2008.

What I'd like to see for next year:
1. Sub 40 10K
2. Sub 1:35 half marathon
3. Half ironman finish
4. Sub 3:20 marathon
5. 50K finish

If I really get into triathlons:
5. 1500 miles running, 1600M swim in <45 min, 56 miles biking in < 3hr (or so)

5b. 2000 miles running

Anyway, those are my (shorter term) goals. If you read my blog (and I know at least one or two of you do!) I'd like to encourage you to post yours! I hate the phrase "if you shoot for the moon, you may hit the stars" because you'll probably just burn up in reentry or land with a decided splat.

I like better: "if you shoot for perfection, you may achieve excellence" if you don't take perfection too obsessive/compulsively.... "Pound stupid and penny wise" comes to mind.

But best is "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!" For a flexible standard of "fun." Injuries are not fun. Slogging through a tough run isn't fun. Realizing that the race isn't between you and the others running it with you, but you against the race itself- that's fun. Realizing that the road is both ally and enemy in this sport- that's fun. Overcoming adversity- especially in the company of good friends- that's fun. As is achieving goals.

Which is why I do a post like this every so often. Hopefully in six months I'll be able to look back and see how I've either gotten closer or achieved some of these. But even if not, just stating them can be helpful...

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