Monday, December 3, 2007

With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain...

So winter's finally here. Its announced its presence by cutting our power twice in the past week. Thankfully, the folks at DTE were able to get it back on in under a day, but it's still a bit chilly to wake up to realize the temperature in my room has dropped 20 degrees or so.

Still, makes for some good running in a slow sort of way. Had a group run yesterday morning- five intrepid souls braved the effects of our promised saturday ice storm to do about eight miles of hills, slush and the occasional car. Three went on ahead, two of us lagged a bit behind and subsequently got lost. Not badly- we were only a little bit off course, but by the time we got done, we were ready to be done.

Smartwool socks helped, as did my underarmor mock turleneck. I wore a skull cap which I think made me look about 12. I also successfully removed a jacket layered under my reflective vest... without removing the vest. A feat not unlike a women remove her bra without taking off her shirt. Not that I've ever seen such a thing. *ahem*

Winter itself hold no real terrors for me; so long as I'm smart about gear, I feel I should be fine. On the other hand, winter drivers...

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