Sunday, November 15, 2009

21 Weeks to Martian

50 miles next week. Long run of 12.5 miles. Begin adding strides into the training.

I want to read all of Daniels' Running Formula, as well as make up a plan for peak of 70 mpw.

I want to continue to practice form, as well as rig up a camera/computer thing to use at the gym with a treadmill. Hopefully I'll be able to make that work.

Things to add in: cross training. stretching. foam roller. cold showers. :)

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Jeremy said...

Yeah, with 22 weeks til Boston, I'm trying to decide what my training is going to look like. I'd also like 70 mpw, maybe 80 at the peak, but what things are going to look like? Dunno. I bought Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning, and I'm perusing that.