Monday, November 16, 2009

Foam rolling, without the roll

The foam roller, by itself, can be sweet healthy trigger point pain.

My calfs seem to be one part knot to three parts muscle.

I start off with the foam roller. On goes my leg. next goes a nice, big, dense pillow. Then a 30# dumbbell. Finally, my opposite leg.

Then I wait. sometimes the muscle goes into a cramp by itself, sometimes I have to contract it. But when it decides to spasm, I work on stretching it out, and lo and behold the knot feels smaller than it did when I started.

I don't know whether I'm right in what I'm feeling, or if I'm deluding myself, but at the very least it's teaching me to deal with pain, which is always a useful skill.

What I think I might need is a skilled massage therapist who's also part sadist. That might be the way to go...

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Sun Runner said...

It sounds likem you're performing the Classic Stack a la "Stuff on My Cat," except it's "Stuff on my Leg." :)