Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My run earlier today was hijacked.

I wanted to work on strides- essentially, 20 seconds of faster running ramping up to my 5K or mile race pace, with a complete rest inbetween. Five miles easy prior to and three miles easy afterward.

But my body decided to work on breathing instead, and rather than fighting it I tried to learn what I could.

My normal pattern is two steps breath in, two steps breath out. It makes it easier to count strides this way, if I'm doing cadence work. It typically give me all the oxygen I need. And it's simple.

But it's better, I think, to double it- four steps in and four out... makes it a little harder to shoot for 180 steps per minute. It makes me slow down, which is good. It takes concentration, which I need to develop. And lung capacity, which is also kind of good.

But if I can make it work, this training cycle has a lot of potential!

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