Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oy. Achiness.

Out of the choice of the 50K or the 30K, i chose 30. Or rather, 29. Well, almost 29. If my garmin is slighly inaccurate, I did 29 for sure. Unless, of course, it's inaccurate short instead of inaccurate long.

Anyway, the Annual Fat Ass 50K (or, as I liked to think of it- the Boxing Day 30K) went well. The Screw shoe gave me traction, the hills were more ice covered rather than the 4-6" of slush people encountered last year, and I did most everything right except whom I chose to run with.

I decided to go out with pretty much the lead group. I really should have known better. They might not think of themselves as fast, but 11:30s on extremely treacherous (as well as fairly hilly) ground is more than I should have tried. If I wanted to do 50K.

So i did 17.9 miles, or 28.8K, in 3:27 and called it good for the day. Good times!

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