Sunday, December 27, 2009

week three in review

This Daniels and Daniels training regimen is teaching me lots. Like when i do these week in review write ups- it's typically just after having my shot. You know how you shouldn't drunk text? Well, I guess it also applies to blogging. With texting, likely only one person is reading you. With blogs, it's a little different.

except, of course, when only one person reads your blog. So I should be safe. BTW, Hi, one person! *waves*

(And yes, i really did wave. One thing about me is that I have a very low tolerance for alcohol)

Anyway, this week. it was a good week, with a step down to 49 miles, a couple of good interval sessions, a Fat Ass, and a nice easy night trail run with lots of ice any snow. Four runs all together, which is less than normal, but I got my goals. And it's been fun.

I've already written up two of the four; the other two were good, solid runs but nothing outside the ordinary.

But I was struck by this thought, today, as I was listening to Jim Butcher's Academ's Fury- A quote out of the books is this: "Big things are made of little things." Walls, books, laws, societies- they all obey this law. I thought of runs as the same thing- one step in front of the other. Many steps equals a mile. many more equals a marathon.

But I also thought of training in the same manner- one run in front of the other- all working towards the same goals of a successful race. Or health and fitness, or whatever. But the rule applies.

So I had four relatively stressful but in a good way runs this week. All of them were helpful in my training, and all of them were fun. Next week I bounce up to 63 miles. I'm really looking forward to it!

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