Monday, December 14, 2009

Week one down, 17 to go!

Well, I had 56 miles on my schedule. According to Garmin, I got 55.2. Close enough, right? :)

the first week went well, although I take a few lessons from it:

1. The shin thing is still an issue. keys to dealing with it- proper warm up, work on form, possibly foam roll.

2. Don't back load the week. It's not a good idea. The last three days of the week shouldn't have been 2/3 of my miles.

3. I don't like the idea of a Monday rest day. There are too many opportunities for a good group run. But the weekend can take a lot out of a fellow.

4. Fencing might be good cross training, but my body feels well beat up. I'm not sure it's the best idea I've ever had.

5. Running on ice is hard on the glutes- stabilizing works some interesting muscles.

6. Jack Daniel's is quite tasty. And a nice reward for a week relatively well done.

Next week my two quality workouts are a tempo run and intervals. For the tempo, 20 minute warm up, 20 minutes at a 7:32 pace (or 40 at 7:47) and 20 minutes cool down. The intervals are like last weeks- 3 minutes easy and 4 minutes hard. No long run.

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