Saturday, August 7, 2010


running wise, everything fell apart in June.  Bad combo of being unlucky and unwise.  For all intents and purposes, I had about eight weeks off of running, and I didn't do anything to pick up the slack.

last week, I did a series of tests.  Six mile run.  Speedwork.  Lots of stretching and even a bit of warming up to boot.  No problems, really, except for the normal "I've lost a hell of a lot of fitness dammit!" type issues.  All part of the game.  Ran 18 miles total, which wasn't bad when all is said and done.

This week will be 24; I subscribe to Daniels (or maybe it's Pfitzinger's... I forget) idea of adding in mileage in a week the sum of the number of runs you did in the last week- thus, since I did 18 miles in six runs last, this week I'm up to 24.  This week, since i did the 24 in five runs, I'll shoot for 29 (or so).  Not nearly so conservative as the 10% rule, but I'll throw in a rest week after next just because it's probably the smart thing to do anyway.

And I think i'll keep to that schedule, adding four to six miles per week every three weeks with a rest week thrown in.  Comes to 12-18 miles per month.  At the end of August I should be up around 36 miles per week.  40-50s for September, and hitting the 60s in October if everything goes well.

I may even be in a place to be able to run a decent race sometime in October.  It's a pleasant thought, at least.  :)

So, for next week:
Goal distance: 30 miles
Number of runs: 6.  Or so.

... of course, it occurs to me that if I were to break up my runs into short, three to four mile type things I could add nine to ten miles per week if I really add miles more quickly.  But that might be counter productive...


David said...

Welcome back to the trails (and roads)! I ran 29 last week, and look forward to about 32 this week. Still looking at VFF for Jake. D

Fritz said...

Thanks! I've signed up for a bunch of races, including the Crim. Think you might want to join in?

David said...

I'd love to, but that's the weekend we move Jake into Alma. I'll see how the logistics with the schedule work out tonite when the kids are over.