Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week in review...

Happy with this week: Did some easy runs, some speed work, and a race which gave me a little confidence back as a runner.

Total miles: 35.8
Time: 5:13:19
Average pace: 8:45

Mon: 6 miles WB trail with the Monday morning group
Tues: 6.1 miles WBHS track speed work.  Quarters.
Wed: 4.1 at Pontiac- five finger run, 6.1 WB group run with K.
Thur: off
Fri: 3.5 on WB trail.  Supposed to be easy. 
Sat: Crim- 1:20:33.  16:35 PR. 8:04 pace.
Sun: off

A week to be happy about, I think.  :)

Next week, 37-42 miles!  Many of them with come from the Labor Day 30K, I think.  Not one I'm going to race- it's almost double the length of my longest run since May.  Rolling the dice, but I've gone without running this race for so long that I really *don't* want to miss it again.

That being said, I also really don't want to get injured.  Maybe I'll go heart rate mediated...

Anyway, tentative plan-

Mon- 5-6 group run
Tues- 5-6 speed work
Wed- 5-6 group run
Thurs- off
Fri- 3-6 shake out run
Sat- 18.6 Labor Day 30K
Sun- off

Total Planned miles are 37-42.  I hope it goes well!


David said...

nice Crim! maybe next year we can all run together - including Jake!

Fritz said...

That'd be cool! I hope it works out! :)