Sunday, August 15, 2010

The week in running...

Not displeased; the rebuilding continues.

total miles- 30.8
time- 5:37:35
average pace- 10:59
number of runs- 6

Monday group run.  It's been a while since I've run with the Monday morning group.  It was always a nice, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere.  Nice to have the direct invite from Bill... I've missed that group's connection.

Tuesday speedwork.  A mix of 100 and 200 meters runs, done at a moderate to hard effort.  With the sun and the heat and everything, I think I'm playing it smart by not trying to go overboard.  This upcoming week, though, I'm thinking of doing a ladder of effort consisting of 400s; after a warm up, do a 400 at marathon pace, then half marathon, 10K and then 5K, then lower the effort back down to marathon pace again.

The nice thing is that I'll be able to see if my pace and heart rate will be something consistent from one 400 to the next.  Still, that's only two miles; perhaps I'll have to do a few more things to make it a bit more distance; I'd like to get in at least five miles.

Group run on Wednesday; we'll see how that goes.  Part of me really wants to go farther than six miles, but another part of me knows that it might not be the best idea.  Oh well, I'll burn the bridge as I cross it.

Thursday- probably a rest day.  It's so cool to think that I'm back on a five or six day per week running schedule, even if most of those runs are a lot shorter than they used to be.  I've missed this part of the game, too.  :)

Friday appears to be off, so I'll probably do something interesting then- perhaps travel a bit to Island lake and do some running there, or perhaps Kensington.  Perhaps I'll do Pontiac- that kind of calls to me now, too.

Probably another rest day Saturday, since I'm working again.  And then run on Sunday, either with RUT or doing the Kirk in the Hills.  I miss doing the Kirk.  It was a splendid challenge, but I don't feel safe doing it without others there.  *sigh* dislike road running.  except when the roads are clear of everything except runners.  :)

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