Friday, February 26, 2010

Huh. Weird.

This week is a step down week.  I didn't figure it out till today.

Daniels' is different from all the other programs I've done before in that you pretty much control the schedule.  You pick a max number of miles per week, you do the Q workouts, and the rest of the miles you're pretty much free to get in however you like.

I like it quite a bit.  If I don't decide to go off the deep end and do choose to do another fall marathon, I'll probably follow it again.  Otherwise, Pfitzinger's 90+ mpw training program might be the way to go.  I mean, the first week's mileage is 60.  Further on in the program, a recovery week's mileage is 75.  75 miles for a recovery week.  A little hard to contemplate, but there it is.

Anyway, my max mileage for this program is 70 mpw, and this week I'm supposed to do only 70% of that, so roughly 49 miles.  After Q1 which took 18 miles and today's Q2 which took about 10.5 I have about 20 miles left to go.  Leaves me two 10 milers, which I'm planning to get in after work Friday and Saturday.  Much, much nicer than the bad planning that left me 35 miles to do in two days, rather than 20 miles in three.

It feels...  nice.  like I get even more of a break than I need, and certainly more than I deserve.  But it might be necessary.  Today's Q run was... not so good.  I wish I could blame it on the fresh snow, but I think it was mostly a matter of will.  Two easy 10 milers... seems almost like a holiday.  nice feeling, believe me.

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