Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marathon pace workout...

So, the Q1 was a marathon pace workout. 16 miles total, two up, two down, 12 at (targeted) 8:00-8:10.

The path was snow covered, and beneath the snow, in spots, was ice. Not the world's best running surface, and about three miles in, I fell- one moment I was up, the next I was down.

I was up again in a few seconds and doing a check to make sure nothing hurt more than it should- nothing did. But trying to maintain a good pace when just that much more unsure of the terrain make the workout harder.

And it wasn't easy to begin with. I downshifted my expectations to 8:10-8:20 pace, and kept to it fairly well. Only one mile was in the 8:20s, and that was because I did something complicated when I should have kept it simple.

My body aches, though. Could have been from the fall. Could have been from a fairly long run with a lot of moderate-hard running. Likely a combination. I'm glad today will be an easy run!

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