Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A question I'm never sure how to answer...

I was asked to today: "Do you run a lot?"

My first thought is to answer: "Compared to some, no." But that's not quite honest- compared to most in our rather non-running obsessed society, I do. Usually I answer with something that I don't have to back up, like "sometimes more than others, but yeah, I run a lot."

sometimes people go on to ask how much. Another difficult question. Yesterday I didn't run at all. Today I ran 16. I compromised and said that last year, I averaged about 40 miles per week. Truth to tell, it was a little more. I could have just as honestly said (as noted yesterday)that I averaged 70 miles per week last month, but i didn't want to brag.... well, not that much.

If I'm going to brag, I'd rather do it here. I mean honestly, where else is there to brag if not in a blog?

But I was surprised by my monthly miles- it's probably my highest monthly mileage ever, and that wasn't a goal, or intent. It just sort of happened. Hopefully the benefits from running so many miles will just sort of happen, too. :)

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